Smart application for ISQM1 finally here!

Web and/or app-based application that helps the audit and accounting firm to document your responses, monitoring and evaluation according to ISQM1. Smart functions that make the responses you say you will do get done. Quality assured by Sweden’s leading ISQM expert Kristofer Block. Let us show you how you can create your quality culture via the program. 

Developed by ISQM expert Kristofer Block

The program is developed by Kristofer Block together with the software company Colix Systems AB with developers with backgrounds from e.g. the Swedish accounting giant and success story Fortnox AB. In the past year, in addition to running the combined firm Block Revisionsbyrå in the High Coast, Kristofer has invested heavily in the quality concept Block Revisionskvalitet, which provides small and medium-sized audit firms with support in various ways with quality issues. “When no one else is doing it, I have to make sure that the agencies get the support they deserve so they can work on this in a time-efficient and structured way”

What can the program offer your firm?

Save time with the program - Follow the simple flow

ISQMonline is a big time saver for the accounting firm because the program, after being introduced through reminders and direct links, ensures that the firm’s employees carry out all the repsonses that the employees are supposed to do. With the program, you can spend more of the time you have on what you do best and let the program control your quality work in parallel.

We can help your risk assessment complie with the ISQM1 standard

If you follow the flow in the system, it means that you are doing the monitoring accourding to the ISQM1 standard. What the agency needs to do is to have done an initial risk assessment and establish a quality policy. Based on it, we and our partner Block Audit Quality ensure that you comply with the ISQM1 standard. If, against the odds, there is no tailored risk assessment, we can also help you with that.

Gather the firm's information easily in one place

The program collects all information in one place, which will also make the annual monitoring and evaluation easy. Leave complicated Excel files and structures in the explorer that are cumbersome and difficult to overview. Simple and fast management via web or app in smartphones or tablets. 

Document agency countermeasures, monitoring and evaluation.

ISQM1 means a new way of handling the quality issues of your own agency. The program supports you in doing everything that needs to be done, time-efficiently and structured. The basic version contains the documentation possibilities, the Premium version also the integrated support to create your quality culture.



Let us show you why this could be your best investment in the coming year.


  • Documentation risk assessment
  • Documentation monitoring and evaluation
  • Web application


  • Documentation risk assessment
  • Documentation monitoring, evaluation
  • Web application
  • Create your quality culture
  • Smart forms
  • Easy information gathering
  • Automatic mailings
  • App in smartphone/reading tablet
  • Block audit quality provides suggestions for monitoring activities for your countermeasures

Additional options

  • Block Revisionskvalitet monitors news and supervisory matters and informs with film and tests your staff with smart forms
  • Block Revisionskvalitet provides proposals for current quality risks to the agency management – always updated risk assessment
  • Block Revisionskvalitet gives you support for a better risk assessment through a series of seminars.
  • Block Revisionskvalitet performs the monitoring and provides suggestions for evaluation in your system.
  • Block Revisionskvalitet performs internal assignment checks of your assignments
  • Colix enables customized personnel support such as leave application, sick leave etc
  • Colix customizes your app with your logo and profile.

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